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Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is one of the most popular ways for traders to identify financial market trends and find entry points. It comprises both technical indicators and drawing tools. One of the advantages of this type of analysis is that it allows market participants to engage in trading without having any knowledge of economics or finance. With our experts, you will discover all the features of the technical analysis page-by-page and improve your trading skills. The main ideas that you can pick up on this page include:

  • Technical analysis basics;
  • How to use trading indicators;
  • How to apply various drawing tools and use them in your strategies;
  • A variety of trading systems that use technical analysis tools;
  • Recommendations on how to improve your interaction with different technical analysis tools.

Technical analysis offers a lot of tools, and our experts cover the most popular and even some exotic ones. You can find something useful here regardless of your previous trading experience. Traders will find a lot of useful information and will be able to create their own strategies.

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