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Pivot Points

Pivot points are levels that are created automatically by a special technical analysis indicator. By building them, you can save time on drawing supports and resistances on your own. Moreover, you can expect more precision as they are calculated based on mathematical formulas. Our experts have prepared a whole range of articles on pivot points and how to apply them to your trading strategies. Some of the key ideas you can find inside include:

  • Pivot points basics and how to use them;
  • The main types of pivot points and which one is better;
  • Some strategies that can be used when trading with pivot points;
  • Recommendations by professional traders on how to apply pivot points as well as some useful secrets about them.

The page with the articles about pivot points is a great opportunity for traders to dive deeper into the world of technical analysis and one of its strongest instruments. While pivot points do not provide you with straight signals themselves, they do give you an understanding of where the price is likely to move in the future. With this knowledge, you can plan your trading as well as see where new entry points can be found on charts.

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