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Trading Volume

Trading volume is one of the drivers behind the price. When they are higher, the price is likely to make massive trend movements, while lower volumes are likely to keep the volatility low. Whatever trading methods you use, it is better to pay attention to volumes, as they may help you predict whether a trend that is just starting to appear is vital or not. In other words, using trading volumes will help you confirm your ideas.

There are plenty of articles on the page, and you can go through them and deepen your knowledge of trading. Some of the key ideas that you will find here include:

  • Trading volumes and their impact on price fluctuations;
  • Types of trading volume and how to properly use them;
  • All the pitfalls that you may encounter when trading with volumes;
  • Various strategies use trading volume as one of the indicators.

The importance of trading volumes is hard to overestimate. Even if you are using tick volumes, they may be useful in a particular strategy. Therefore, all the articles in this category are of great value for all types of traders. Read them all to explore the features of trading volumes and how to apply them to your trading routine.

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