Market News


Market News

Market news is very important for all types of traders, regardless of what type of analysis they use in their everyday trading routine. They affect all types of assets, including currencies, stocks, commodities, and even cryptocurrencies. Therefore, knowing about the latest events is crucial for your success in trading.

The importance of market news in trading is hard to overestimate. Even if you use technical analysis in your trading routine and don’t rely on important market data releases, you should know when they are issued in order to avoid excessive volatility. Even the strongest technical analysis can be broken during such events.

This section will provide you not only with the news itself but also with some pieces of analytics that may be useful to you to understand current and even predict future price fluctuations. Apart from simply announcing a particular data release, we also tell traders how it can affect markets.

Here are the most important data releases and events that you should follow when trading various types of assets:

  • Central banks’ decisions and comments;
  • Consumer Price Index;
  • Product Price Index;
  • Labor Market data, including unemployment rate, Non-Farm Employment Change, and others;
  • Gross Domestic Product;
  • Institute of Supply Management Indexes;
  • Trade Balance.

If you want to learn more about the upcoming events and how they can impact the whole financial market, you can look through our market news articles to be aware of what to expect next.

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