Trading Psychology Basics


Trading Psychology Basics

Having a good trading strategy is only about 30% of success. The remaining part is shared between money and risk management, as well as psychology. Greed, fear, and a gambler’s fallacy may ruin your deposit even faster than a bad entry point. Therefore, knowing more about these “enemies” will allow you to improve your chances of making money instead of losing it.

By reading this category, you will discover the following aspects:

  • Emotions that prevent you from becoming a successful trader and how to curb them;
  • Basic notions of trading plan and journal and why they are very important;
  • The most popular misconceptions in trading and how they interfere with your results;
  • Risk management basics and how to control your risks during your trading routine.

All these and many other concepts will be covered by our experts, who have years of experience in trading. Whether you have experience in trading or not, knowing how to keep your emotions low will help you make your first steps in trading. Greed may push you to win back or even make you open trades where there are no evident signals, while fear, on the other hand, may make you stay away from the markets when it is a good time to buy or sell. If you learn how to control them and know your worst “enemies” in trading, you will have better chances of succeeding.

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