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Advanced Trading

This category is dedicated to those traders with basic trading experience who want to develop their skills and move to the next level. Our experts have participated in the preparation of educational materials that are full of theoretical and practical knowledge. By reading those articles, you will find a lot of helpful tips and recommendations that may be used as the foundation for your future sophisticated trading strategies.

Technical and fundamental analysis types are the alpha and omega of trading, and we cover both, providing you with guidelines and going even deeper so that you can have an understanding of how they work and how to apply them to your everyday trading routine.

The main directions that we cover in this section include:

  • Trading strategies with different types of technical analysis;
  • News trading basics and how to use various strategies;
  • Guides on the most popular technical indicators that are available on the Binolla platform;
  • The most important fundamentals and how they impact the financial markets;
  • Some popular drawing tools and their description.

By browsing this category, you will find even more useful articles that will help you improve your trading skills. All of them are augmented with practical examples of trading and strategies that you can pick and use at any moment.

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